What Do Your Kitchen Countertops Reveal About You?

July 10, 2018

Most people approach replacing kitchen countertops with trepidation. It can be an expensive business and if you get it wrong it is a big job to replace them.

Picking the material is one of the hard decisions, especially if you want something everyone else hasn’t already chosen.

A kitchen specialist like kitchen countertops St Louis can help you to choose the right counter for your budget and space. Here are some of the ones to consider.

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Quartz looks like stone but requires less maintenance. It is a hard surface so can deal with hot pots, serrated knives and anything you throw at it. The edges are subject to chipping and repairs need to be done by a professional.

Quartz is popular currently – so if you’re looking for something differentÂ…


This is worth consideration if your budget is tight. Developments in printing technology give many more choices and better finishes than ever before. Sharp knives can cause permanent damage so you need to be sure to protect it.

Recycled Glass

This is beginning to make an entry into the market because it’s different and it is eco-friendly. If this interests you, do some research into the brands out there. Not all are equal, so it is worth checking guarantees or consumer protections.

This is great for someone who wants something unexpected.

Butcher Block

This is essentially a warm, wood finish. It has the advantages of being easy to install and because it is wood, you can sand and re-stain it.

There are lots of alternatives to these choices, the ubiquitous granite for instance which even turns up in student rentals these days. Limestone and soapstone are also gaining popularity.

It’s your kitchen the heart of your home. Have what you want.