Interior Design Is More Than Putting In The Furniture Nicely

July 10, 2018

Maybe you have in your mind’s eye exactly what you want. You can see it. You know how you would feel walking into the room. You can hear your guest’s laughter tinkling as champagne is quaffed from stemless flutes.

Maybe you can only put it in terms of what you don’t want; I don’t want clutter, I don’t want hard straight lines.

Or perhaps you’re somewhere in between. Where ever you are in designing the home of your dreams st louis interior design can turn your vision into reality.

Why bring in a designer?

Design is about more than arranging the furniture and an interior designer has two thing going for them, first of all, they have been to school for this stuff and secondly they have that elusive thing, an eye.

Designers assess

st louis interior design

Design comes from a combination of seeing what the basics structure of the room is. Overlaying that with a knowledge of light and lighting, and then putting on a third layer, what will happen in the room. A simplistic example, but you will get the idea; if this is going to be the children’s bedroom, don’t put mirrors on the ceiling.

There is a cost involved

It does cost to bring in a designer, but they should be able to pull back some of that cost with their industry contacts and by helping you with the purchase of materials and furniture. What you’re paying for is their expertise.

Practicality not a show house

Unless your goal is the cover of Architectural Digest, function is going to win over form. The designer can help you create the feeling that you want to accomplish, but don’t worry you will still be able to actually cook meals in the kitchen.

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